The leisure market in general, and the premium leisure market specifically, has always had its challenges. Over the past few years, it has been proved above and beyond that it takes more than just a website listing to sell your yacht. Sea-Alliance Group will go the extra mile to get your yacht sold!


Sea Alliance Group brokerage division is based on a database of yacht buyers and sellers that has accumulated over more that two decades. Each one of those prospects is in fact our best marketing channel today.  Over the years, we simply realised that our reputation and happy clients are the best publicity, and the most efficient one as well.  In fact, this channel today provides us with the broadest reach in finding a buyer for your yacht, and the vast majority of our transactions are the result of this exclusive marketing channel

Our team of sales professionals has established a long term reputation for experience and trust, ensuring that your yacht gets the very best exposure in the market. Over many years we have created strong relationships with other brokers around the world to ensure our Central Agency listings are presented to the right buyers, wherever they are located.

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Selling a yacht at the right price and taking that sale through to a successful conclusion requires many years of experience, detailed knowledge of the market, a network of industry contacts and the ability to negotiate at the highest levels. Above all, selling a yacht requires bringing both the seller and buyer to an amicable agreement, and knowing how to get them both to this equinox.   Whether its 50’ feet or 150’, Sea-Alliance Group provides the same experienced, trustworthy and professional service in complete transparency and privacy.



“It ain’t over till the fat lady sings….”

Probably the most accurate definition of any yacht transaction one will be involved in.

Closure is a fine and refined moment when it all comes together. Often stressful, but always extremely rewarding.  At a push of a button, at a split second, suddenly the money was transferred, the possession was transferred, and in a glance, another transaction is part of history now.

We simply know how to make it happen.

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