Sea-Alliance Group has been part of the international yachting industry since 2008. It is a well-established, professional multiservice business, with international experience in every aspect of sales & purchase, construction, chartering, maintenance and development. Worldwide.


Roy Klajman, Uri Idan and Itay Singer joined established the Sea Alliance Group in Gibraltar after gaining vast experience in the yachting industry as far back as the the late 90’s. Their combined experience allowed the Group to quickly create an extremely versatile combination of services within the yachting industry.

Roy, Uri and Itay set about finding the best people in strategic locations around the globe to do things the right way, growing Sea Alliance Group slowly and surely to where it is today.

The Founders1


Sea-Alliance Group is a full corporate member of the MYBA – The Worldwide Yachting Association. MYBA promotes standards of professionalism and ethics in the global yachting industry. Membership is demanding, and only granted to companies which can demonstrate a proven track record of professional excellence in the yachting industry. Sea-Alliance Group is the only MYBA member with representation all the way to the east of the Mediterranean.

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