West Mediterranean

West Mediterranean

Take a taste of the wonders of life on the sparkling waters of the western Mediterranean. Experience the magnificent beaches, the beautiful landscapes and the rich and varied cultures.

Southern France

Southern France

The perfect way to experience France and especially the French Riviera, is by sailing on the clear turquoise waters, between the picturesque Provence villages, the Hidden Islands and the beautiful coastal towns.



Endless experiences are waiting for you sailing the Italian beaches, from the wild cliffs of Sorrento and the beauty of the Isle of Capri to the beautiful fishing villages of the Italian Riviera. Don’t miss the pristine beaches of Sardinia, a favorite of world celebrities and the moving spectacle of medieval villages.

Monaco 2


The Principality of Monaco has acquired for itself an international name of richness and luxury. The world’s best casinos, the famous Monte Carlo Casino and the impressive routes that host the Formula-One Grand Prix race every year. In Monaco, you can take a shopping trip between luxury brand stores and enjoy perfect meals at the best Michelin restaurants in the world.

Spain And The Balearic Islands 1

Spain and the Balearic Islands

A vacation on a yacht in Spain and the Balearic Islands is a colorful and extraordinary experience. Get out of the sparkling marinas of the Catalonian city of Barcelona and continue on to the Balearic Islands, where you will cruise between the famous Ibiza parties to the beautiful bays of Mallorca and the lively city life of Palma.