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Middle East / Arabia

Is the Middle East becoming a major destination for sailing?
The Middle East’s warm climate and location are huge draw cards for the sailing world. For most of the year it has good sailing conditions, and while avoiding the European winter, the Middle East is the nearest destination to indulge in a warm summer vacation.


Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Dubai and Abu Dhabi have become two of the top destinations for the wealthy and famous. While Dubai must be one of the most fascinating modern cities in the world today, known for its extravagant buildings, fabulous shopping centers and pampering nightlife, the waters around Dubai offer many natural attractions within the Persian Gulf. You can visit Dubai creek, Abu Dhabi islands, Mumza Park and the Musandam Peninsula with fjord-like inlets and waters full with dolphins and other marine life. Explore the wonders that are hard to find anywhere else in the world, such as ‘The World’ which is a collection of man-made islands in the shape of the world and ‘The Palm’ which is the largest marina in the world.

Red Sea

Red Sea

Cruise on a luxury yacht to indulge in a fun, relaxing and luxurious way to experience the Red Sea shores. Capture the stunning views of desert landscapes and crystal-clear water, dive in coral reefs and snorkel among exotic fish.